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Episode 43: NOVA 2022, You Should Have Been There

In this episode, Jason, Jerod, and Tres run through their NOVA experience, from the preparations on the days before to the trip home on the final day. NOTE: Jason and Jerod talked about the Warhammer Underworlds Grand Clash (Friday) in Episode 42, so if you missed it, go back and check it out!

0:18 - Intro

2:13 - Prep & the Ride Up

24:12 - Wednesday Afternoon/Evening

58:21 - Thursday (Age of Sigmar Doubles)

2:06:39 - Friday (Kill Team LIVE)

2:09:04 - Saturday (MCP Tournament) and Sunday

3:05:20 - Closing Thoughts & Outro

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Episode 42: Hex Ed: The Professor at NOVA, the Gorechosen of Dromm, & Deadly Depths

In this episode, Jason and Jerod cover their experience at the NOVA clash, provide their Rivals Review of the Gorchosen of Dromm & Deadly Depths AND also sit down with Gerard "The Professor" Padro to talk about winning the NOVA clash and the rest of his experience at NOVA.


The Professor's Deck: UnderworldsDB Link

0:17 - Intro & Jerod and Jason at the NOVA Clash

45:12 - Gorechosen of Dromm

1:26:55 - Deadly Depths

1:52:35 - The Professor at NOVA

2:38:09 - Outro



Episode 41 - Hex Ed: Nethermaze Rivals Review 3: Hexbane’s Hunters

In the latest in our Rivals Review series, Jason, Tres, and Jerod cover the 3rd Nethermaze Warband: Hexbane's Hunters and dig into our thoughts on the Drifting Tides Domain gambit card.


0:19 - Intro & Catching Up

14:14 - Hexbane's Hunters

1:16:57 - Outro



Episode 40 - Hex Ed: Nethermaze Rivals Review 2: Vainglorious Raiders & Patient Lurkers

In the latest in our Rivals Review series, Jason, Tres, and Jerod cover the two Rivals Decks from White Dwarf 478: Vainglorious Raiders and Patient Lurkers. We also give our reaction to the new warband shown during the Skirmish games preview: Hexbane's Hunters!


0:18 - Intro & Catching Up

17:34 - Patient Lurkers

55:59 - Vainglorious Raiders

1:31:45 - Hexbane's Hunters Reaction & Outro



Episode 39 - Hex Ed: Are the Exiled Dead your Appalling End?

In this episode, Jerod, Jason, and Tres address the Force Dynamic-powered elephant in the room: the Exiled Dead. We go over what makes them strong and offer our tips and tricks for dealing with them.


0:00 - Intro

10:02 - Analyzing the Exiled Dead

1:12:14 - Outro


Episode 38 - Hex Ed: Rivals Review: Exiled Dead and the Nethermaze

In the latest in our Rivals Review series, we cover the Exiled Dead (the last Harrowdeep warband) and the Shadeborn and Skittershank's Clawpack (the first two warband in Nethermaze)!

Exiled Dead blog:

Shadeborn and Skittershank's Clawpack blog:

3:03 - The Exiled Dead Rivals Review

32:51 - The Shadeborn Rivals Review

57:17 - Skittershank's Clawpack

1:13:19 - Outro



Episode 37 - Hex Ed: Breaching the Nethermaze

In this episode, we discuss the Glory Points article and review the Maze Breachers Rivals deck from White Dwarf 475 and give our gut reactions to the pending pre-orders of Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze (GET HYPE!) and the Exiled Dead.

Blog (Maze Breachers Rivals review):


13:14 - Maze Breachers Rivals Deck review

56:55 - Reacting to the Nethermaze announcement!

1:21:40 - Outro



Episode 36 - Secondary Objectives: Adepticon, NOVA, and More

In this episode, we introduce Secondary Objectives, episodes that cover multiple topics, games, or events. We're joined by Gerard "The Professor" Padro, who shares his Adepticon Underworlds experience with us and we talk about the events we've registered for at NOVA!

To read more about Gerard's Lady Harrow deck, check out the Set the Tempo Blog.

To read about what events Danny, Jason, Jerod, and Tres are playing, check the Battle Mallet Blog.

3:19 - Catching up on hobbying, games played, and other news

59:07 - Talking w/ Gerard "The Professor" Padro about Underworlds at Adepticon

2:00:29 - NOVA Schedules

2:33:57 - Outro



Episode 35 - Hex Ed: Rivals Plus Review

In this episode, we cover the recent Rivals Plus tournament that Jason TO'ed and dig into the supplemental decks available for building a Rivals Plus deck.

In our Rivals Plus review, we continue the trend of picking out our top three objectives, gambits, and upgrades, but we break down our rating by objective card strength, gambit card strength, and upgrade card strength.

Blog form of the Rivals Plus Review:

2:54  - Rivals+ Tournament

36:30 - Rivals+ Review

1:29:40 - Outro



Episode 34 - Hex Ed: Harrowdeep Rivals Review

In this episode, we continue (and wrap up for now!) our dive into the Rivals format. We catch up with Tres (so good to have him back on the show!) and his return to Underworlds via Rivals. Then we give an overview of each of the Harrowdeep Warbands released so far & the Illusory Might deck in the Rivals format (written up as a blog on For each Warband, we briefly cover the fighters, key Objective and Power Cards, the type of boards you'd want to use, and their playstyle. We also cover some tips on how to tackle each Warband and rate them on a Bronze/Silver/Gold scale for new players.

1:40 - Catching Up

13:02 - Tres Returning to Underworlds

32:39 - Xandire's Truthseekers & Da Kunnin' Krew

1:12:47 - Blackpowder's Buccaneers & the Illusory Might Deck

2:01:50 - Outro


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