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Episode 8 - Arcane Implosion

Danny's out sick, so despite their best efforts, Jason, Jerod, and Tres manage to put together another long one! Apocalypse! Underworlds! Tournaments! Heavy Laser Destroyers! Technical Difficulties! This episode has it all...

2:10 - Tabletop Muster

12:05 - Tres's Tournament Recap

50:56 - Interview with Dave Cutts

1:03:53 - Hot Dice: Lightning Round!

2:03:11 - Closing Out

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Episode 7 - 40 Yay!

With our world-wandering Danny back in the fold, we truck through 4 (FOUR!) segments in record time, covering Jerod & Tres's recent Age of Sigmar game, Vigilus Ablaze, the new Contrast paints, the Underworlds Grand Clash rule change, and our pending Warhammer 40k campaign.

2:09 - Tabletop Muster (what we've been up to lately)

18:08 - Vigilus Ablaze

43:53 - Contrast!

1:03:25 - Cracked Glass

1:16:46 - Warhammer 40k Campaign

1:34:50 - Closing Out

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Episode 6 - Our Danny Lies Over the Ocean

Once more, we find ourselves missing Danny! In this episode, we catch up on where we've been hobby-wise, recount our latest Warhammer Underworlds tournament, discuss the Ylthari's and Thundrik's warbands (beyond theory!), and go over our thoughts on the Australia Championship 2019 Warhammer Studio Preview!

3:33 - Tabletop Muster (what we've been up to lately)

20:05 - Cracked Glass

  • Recent Underworlds "All Comers" Tournament
  • Thoughts on Ylthari's Guardians
  • Thoughts on Thundrik's Profiteers

1:35:58 - Australia Championship 2019 Studio Preview

2:04:51 - Closing Out

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Episode 5 - Cracked Glass Unchained

Without Danny, their guiding light, Jason, Jerod, and Tres find themselves lost in the Shadeglass City! In this episode, we share our thoughts on the Warhammer Community Survey and Jerod and Tres talk about how excited they are for Ylthari's Guardians and Thundrik's Profiteers (the two new warbands for Warhammer Underworlds)!

2:45 - Tabletop Muster (What we're working on & what we're playing)

17:43 - Warhammer Community Survey

44:01 - Cracked Glass (UNCHAINED) Part 1: Ylthari's Guardians

1:14:51 - Cracked Glass (UNCHAINED) Part 2: Thundrik's Profiteers

1:53:06 - Closing Out

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Episode 4 - Warcry Curious

Here's Episode 4! We spend some time with Jerod and Tres as they discuss their plans for the NoVA Open Age of Sigmar Doubles Tournament (spoilers, there will be blood or skulls, or both, probably both). We also give our thoughts on the Adepticon Games Workshop Studio Preview.

1:18 - Opening, Tabletop Muster

18:58 - Road to NoVA

42:00 - Adepticon GW Studio Preview

1:19:18 - Closing Out

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Episode 3 - Precious Moments

Join us for Episode 3! We spend some time talking about the recent Underworlds tournament at Atomic Empire (run by Tres!), share some life lessons learned along the way, and have an interview with Alan Blakeborough regarding the upcoming Barnyard Brawl Convention in Greenville, SC.

1:23 - Opening (Tabletop Muster & Game-Life Balance)

15:27 - Underworlds Tournament at Atomic Empire

  • Tres's perspective running the event
  • Jason's experience (spoilers: he makes it to the top table, but does he win?!)
  • Jerod's experience (spoilers: he doesn't make it to the top table)
  • Atomic Empire - Durham, NC:
  • Death Ray Designs:

1:01:13 - Alan Blakeborough & the Barnyard Brawl Convention

1:15:54 - Closing Out

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Episode 2 - On the Precipice

Episode 2! Join us with a brief overview of some upcoming events, balancing life and hobbies, a fairly deep dive into the fluff surrounding the Vigilus campaign and our thoughts on the Shadowspear box (and more!). We round out with a quick Underworlds session with our best tips for dealing with (or being) Mollog.

00:58 - Hobby Holla's & Game Life Balance

11:34 - Hot Dice

  • Vigilus
  • Shadowspear (starts at 42:20)

1:03:00 - Cracked Glass

  • Dealing with Mollog as Godsworn Hunt
  • Dealing with Mollog as Farstriders
  • Beating up people with Mollog

1:12:35 - Closing out

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Episode 1 - Begin with the End in Mind

Episode 1! Join us as as we walk through our impressions of the NOVA Open schedule, the events that we're excited about, the New York Toy Fair announcements, the Dreaded Ambull for Blackstone Fortress and our initial hobby goals for the 2019 year.

1:06 - Hot Dice Part 1 - NOVA Open schedule and plans

30:28 - Hot Dice Part 2 - New York Toy Fair and other news

50:43 - Tabletop Muster

1:04:11 - Closing Out

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Episode 0 - An Introduction to the BattleMallet Podcast

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and dive into our gaming backgrounds, including mentions of Mouse Trap, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Battle Masters!

After the introductions, we talk a bit about what the show will look like going forward.

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