BattleMallet Podcast


Episode 18 - Blood, Bugs, and Everchosen

December 10, 2019

Jerod and Tres catch up on Warhammer 40k (Chapter Approved and Blood of Baal), Age of Sigmar (Slaves to Darkness), and their recent Underworlds tournament while Jason and Danny are MIA. If you're in the Triangle and want to meet up to play Underworlds, be sure to join us December 12 at Atomic Empire in Durham (6PM - 11PM)!

2:20 - Catching Up

  • Hobby Progress

17:23 - Warhammer Underworlds Tournament @ Game Theory

  • Tomes Thundrik is mean

31:39 - Warhammer 40k Update

  • Chapter Approved
  • Blood of Baal
  • Ritual of the Damned

1:02:00 - Age of Sigmar Update

  • Slaves to Darkness Battletome
  • Warcry Warbands in AoS
  • Archaon is ridiculous

1:26:29 - Closing Out



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