BattleMallet Podcast


Episode 2 - On the Precipice

March 5, 2019

Episode 2! Join us with a brief overview of some upcoming events, balancing life and hobbies, a fairly deep dive into the fluff surrounding the Vigilus campaign and our thoughts on the Shadowspear box (and more!). We round out with a quick Underworlds session with our best tips for dealing with (or being) Mollog.

00:58 - Hobby Holla's & Game Life Balance

11:34 - Hot Dice

  • Vigilus
  • Shadowspear (starts at 42:20)

1:03:00 - Cracked Glass

  • Dealing with Mollog as Godsworn Hunt
  • Dealing with Mollog as Farstriders
  • Beating up people with Mollog

1:12:35 - Closing out

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