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Episode 3 - Precious Moments

March 21, 2019

Join us for Episode 3! We spend some time talking about the recent Underworlds tournament at Atomic Empire (run by Tres!), share some life lessons learned along the way, and have an interview with Alan Blakeborough regarding the upcoming Barnyard Brawl Convention in Greenville, SC.

1:23 - Opening (Tabletop Muster & Game-Life Balance)

15:27 - Underworlds Tournament at Atomic Empire

  • Tres's perspective running the event
  • Jason's experience (spoilers: he makes it to the top table, but does he win?!)
  • Jerod's experience (spoilers: he doesn't make it to the top table)
  • Atomic Empire - Durham, NC:
  • Death Ray Designs:

1:01:13 - Alan Blakeborough & the Barnyard Brawl Convention

1:15:54 - Closing Out

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