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Episode 45 - Hex Ed: Playing (Rivals) with Your Gnarlwood

October 23, 2022

In this episode, Jason, Jerod, and Tres give their normal Rivals review of the warbands and decks that come in the Gnarlwood box. We also want to announce our new website, which includes a full library of starter Nemesis Decks for every warband released to date. We kept things accessible for new players by only using those decks that can be purchased separately (or are included in the Gnarlwood box), so Illusory Might, Deadly Depths, Daring Delvers, and Tooth & Claw.


Check out the Nemesis deck library here:

Guerilla Miniatures Games "Why I'm Excited About Gnarlwood:"

0:18 - Intro

7:40 - Gnarlspirit Pack and Sons of Velmorn

56:39 - Daring Delvers and Tooth & Claw

1:37:59 - Outro


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