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Episode 6 - Our Danny Lies Over the Ocean

May 8, 2019

Once more, we find ourselves missing Danny! In this episode, we catch up on where we've been hobby-wise, recount our latest Warhammer Underworlds tournament, discuss the Ylthari's and Thundrik's warbands (beyond theory!), and go over our thoughts on the Australia Championship 2019 Warhammer Studio Preview!

3:33 - Tabletop Muster (what we've been up to lately)

20:05 - Cracked Glass

  • Recent Underworlds "All Comers" Tournament
  • Thoughts on Ylthari's Guardians
  • Thoughts on Thundrik's Profiteers

1:35:58 - Australia Championship 2019 Studio Preview

2:04:51 - Closing Out

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